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Who we are...
Who we are?

Today, Al Rajhi Group is one of the largest corporate conglomerates in the Middle East, North Africa , South Asia (MENASA). Group widening its efforts to add value to the kingdom economy through bringing new world class technology/services while making sure to create opportunities for the local nationals.

Who we are?

Group Consolidation

In 1978 the various individual establishments under the Al Rajhi name were merged into the umbrella of "Al Rajhi Trading and Exchange Corporation" and in 1987, the new joint stock company was renamed to Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corp, and again, in 2006, to Al Rajhi Bank.

The Al Rajhi family continues to be Al Rajhi Bank’s majority shareholders, and they have diversified family investments into Insurance & Financial Services, Agriculture & Commodities, Food & Beverage, Medical & Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrial Goods, Housing & Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Energy & Utilities, Building Materials, among others.

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Board of Directors

Abdulateef Abdullah Al-Rajhi

Founder & Chairman

Naif Abdulateef Al-Rajhi

Managing Director & Board Member


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