Our company was founded in 1988 in the ecosystem of supercomputing. With the arrival of the Internet, we were pioneers in implementing telecommunications networks in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Today, we are a global integrator of technology solutions, focused also on other services, such as IT consulting, data centres, cybersecurity, software engineering, BPO and Industry 4.0.





More than 30 years’


With more than 30 years’ experience in the digitalization of telecommunications operators, public administrations and the country’s most important companies, our aim is to help our clients make the best decision in a complex, constantly changing environment.

Corporate Vision

SATEC’s unique vision is clear: create value and generate growth through innovative solutions and services in the field of information and communications technology, aiding our clients’ development, efficiency and productivity.

Our experience and the knowledge we have acquired on projects of great technical complexity in sectors with significant social impact constitute one of our added values, as do our technical staff members who are highly qualified and professional.